IKEA massages

Date: 3/30/2017

By alexwolfycat

I had a dream that I was in Ikea ( I've never been there before). My friend Angie had just snapchatted me some pictures of Pokémon toys that they sold there she was like "look at all the types of decorations they have here" and I was like I know, I'm inside the store right now. I was with my brothers and there was a mini skating rink inside the store. Once you get through the skating rink to the other side, there was a massage center. Me and Desiree both payed for like $3.25 back massages. And we bought ice cream too. She only put one scoop on her plate and then it fell on the floor. She tried to clean it up with a broom but she wasn't doing a very good job so I helped her clean it up. My brothers told us that they've had a massage there before and that it was really good. I'm not sure what happened but we never got our massages and then I think I woke up. [I've had dreams about the outside of IKEA before but never the inside, that store has always been kind of a mystery to me]