Digital art, In a dream-like scenario, a person imagines attending a party hosted by Ricegum where they search for a resemblance of their crush, Jada Facer, amongst a crowd of celebrities and fans, while struggling with the unrequited love for a girl named Alexandra.

Jordyn Jones and Jada Facer

Date: 8/5/2017

By hailthesillynick

Man, I just miss a girl at school so much. And well, since she looks a lot like Jada Facer, then chances are, I imagined being at Ricegum's house with them there as for he threw a big, huge party and invited me there by taking me to his house by plane with a really nice limousine on the way to the airport and everything! But then, when I arrived at Ricegum's house, there were a whole bunch of shitload of celebrities and fans in there. So since every celebrity in the world was in there, I was finding Jada Facer and once I found her, I chased Jordyn upstairs and found Jada and said: AHA! Now, I'll treat you just like of how I treated Alexandra Tom at school because I don't know where the fuck she went! So now, as I've found you, Jada, Suck it up and get it all on you now until I find Alexandra!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Man, I just miss Alexandra so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and then I lived in Ricegum's house forever and never came back to my parents house because there's so much drama there. For me to handle for the rest of my life! And plus, Spongebob and Patrick confront the psychic walls of energy- The Flaming Lips, came on because all of the drama at my parents house is OVER! Man, i just hope that I move to the beautiful LA soon, you know?

AI generated interpretation Your dream seems to reflect your emotions of missing someone from school whom you have a strong emotional attachment to. Your desire to see her has manifested in the form of a dream where you are attending a party at Ricegum's house with many celebrities and fans. In this dream world, you are searching for someone who looks like Jada Facer, which suggests that you see a similarity between her and the person you miss. The fact that you chased Jordyn upstairs and found Jada may indicate some frustration with your search for this person. Your statement that you will treat Jada like Alexandra Tom suggests that you may have some unresolved emotions about Alexandra as well. The dream ends with you living in Ricegum's house and never returning to your parents' house because there is too much drama there. This may reflect your desire to escape from the difficulties of your daily life and to find solace in a new environment. Your hope to move to beautiful LA may represent a subconscious desire for change and new beginnings. Overall, this dream seems to be about your yearning for connection and change in your life, as well as some unresolved emotions related to people from your past.