Date: 4/10/2017

By crjohnson

We were at my house but in some sort of cell, like a jail cell but i was not locked in. I was in the basement of my house in this cell and i had about 50 dozen boxes of donuts from krispy kreme and i was terrified that my parents were gonna find out because they were super into my health. Anyways my friend dallin was going to pick me up soon to go to the Chicago bulls basketball game and i was going to try to bring a few boxes of donuts but i was terrified that my parents would see me. Somehow i ended up in his nice sports car with 2 boxes of donuts and still being very scared that my parents would find out about all of my donuts. We went along driving and talking (about nothing I remember) but then all of a sudden i was back in my cell room and it was all concrete around it (similar to the cell at the end of split but brighter) then i had all the donuts and my parents had found out and I was in big trouble. Not soon after that i woke up.