Weird monster destroying New York

Date: 5/13/2017

By Spooped_gurl

I was part of a strike team flying in to try to kill these weird monsters that took over New York (never been there irl). The biggest was a flying one and we shot it down with big guns and attack helicopters. The twin towers were still there and we repelled down them to keep from being overrun by the ones on the ground. The whole city was evacuated and there were buildings being destroyed by explosions and just falling apart. The monsters were odd looking and nothing like anything normal. They kinda looked like they were made of mostly gross looking tentacles. Other ones kinda looked like large dogs with exposed skulls for heads. The big one was like the big flying monster from the movie "The Avengers". They all were black and were covered in slimy black stuff. They made awful croaking sounds. Some of the buildings also were covered in the stuff. Then most of the monsters just disappeared and the whole city was really eerie. Like another wave was gonna strike. Then we had to fix these machines around the city and get parts from different areas. I remember getting the long forked tongue of the big thing and was chewing on it. It was just like bubble gum and tasted fruity. I started feeling strange and almost like I was wanting to help the monsters instead. My tongue changed into a forked one and I was thinking of all the dirty stuff I could do with it. I started flirting with a hot guy on my strike team and showed him my tongue. He kinda freaked out but then raised an eyebrow and was like "go on?"