Held prisoner at a top secret government science facility

Date: 4/22/2017

By LdonnyH24

I was locked up in a highly secure building. I missed my family and I missed my freedom. It was like a prison, but nobody that was in there had committed a crime. We were all drugged and kidnapped. it was like some kind of top-secret government facility where they kidnapped people and did experiments on them. I had been there for years and every time I tried to escape I would get caught. the facility was run by Hillary Clinton, I would see her walking through the facility wearing a white pantsuit and shouting orders at people. she kept us locked in cages and the scientists there we're doing experiments on us. I decided I was going to try to run away again and a few people went with me. We found a way to sneak out of a back door and we we're in a huge concrete yard with guard towers and lights everywhere. We had to be careful to avoid the light, so they wouldn't spot us. We snuck to the side of the building and climbed a ladder that went all the way up to the roof. we got to the roof and then ran to the other side of the roof and jumped over the barbed wire fence. by this time the alarms had already sounded and Hillary Clinton was outside shouting, telling the guards to find us. We made it to the outside of the facility, but the guards were everywhere looking for us, searching the entire perimeter. we kept running and running and all of a sudden we were in a big city with people everywhere. It looked like what I would imagine New York City would look like. There were stores everywhere shop fronts lining every block, and the tallest skyscrapers I had ever seen. we were running on top of buildings and through alleys. while we were running one of the people that escaped with me fell off of the roof and landed on the ground at least a hundred feet below. he landed right on his back and died instantly. we all kept going because we know the guards were all still looking for us. This was as far as anybody had ever gotten after escaping. almost nobody even made it over the fence. we were really close to being far away enough that they wouldn't be able to find us. I was ecstatic, all this time my family thought I was dead. I kept thinking about my girlfriend Gina, and my mom. I had been missing for at least half a decade or more. I hadn't even seen my reflection in several years, so I didn't even know what I looked like, but I know I probably looked older and a lot skinnier and malnourished. I was hoping that Gina hadn't moved on to a new boyfriend or gotten married and started a family. I had to be in my early to mid thirties by then so she was closer to 40, I knew the chances were slim that she would have waited for me when she could have married someone else and had a family, but I still had hope. we got to a point where the guards had no chance of catching us and we walked off into the crowd of people. everybody went their separate ways and started trying to make their way back home to their families. I woke up at this point. I never found out if I made it back home or if Gina was still waiting for me.