Save the Muslims

Date: 6/3/2017

By jevan

me and leah are sitting in ms montagues class and getting ready to leave and she says "i really missed you guys" to me when we leave. We sit just outside the classroom in the english block at a table and start doodling and drawing in bright pencils. Then Sam comes over and is somehow looking at my sticker rooms from little big planet on just a piece of paper. He's playing with it and teasing me and I'm really embarrassed. He's also drawing these really intricate patterns so quickly, kinda like a spirograph. It turns out he dropped out of school and is now at art college or something. Then I see Ms Montague walking towards us and i think we're in trouble for doodling when we could be doing our homework. but she ignores what we're doing and tells Sam that his dad is going to be on a reality tv show kinda like big brother. Next thing I know we're driving down into town and we park in the main carpark and I see a poster to "save the muslims" which is trying to invite them to a discrete location and i think it seems a bit off because the proportion of muslims in my town is so slim and then i think that maybe the people behind the posters are kidnapping them! I immediately forget this revelation when suddenly a group of knights in loads of different coloured monochromatic outfits with horse hair on top step out from behind the wall and walk down the street and they look so stupid. We walk down to a park and its packed with maybe like 1000 people and i could see each one of them so clearly. Me, Leah, and Megan are having a rollie and people-watching. There are a surprising amount of people and I'm just thinking why are there so many emos. is this 2008? someone actually walks by and throws a rollie which has burnt up the side right at our feet and i have to put it out. This Guy walks over with a notepad and starts asking me questions like "does bono live near here?" and I'm like "no, he lives in Ireland." Then he asks, "adele?" and I'm like "no, she lives in London. In Cockney." Then this girl chimes in and says "with Courtney". Who the fuck is Courtney from Cockney, London. I remember in the back of my head my friends were thinking "ooh look at Jevan socialising, he's making friends."