My grandma revived just to die again :(

Date: 3/25/2017

By dixsilence

Ok so at first dreamed something weird. I only remember being on another town at night, touring around and then I was with markiplier (?). He was helping me finding what I was looking for. Besides that we were fighting against weird drones that were controlling the people. These drones were invisible and affected the electrical devices. Now the dream changes. We got to my town after destroying a couple drones and chilled a bit. I was laying on a couch minding my own business and the. this dude just lays on top of me while resolving mathematical quizzes. Then my mother comes and we took away thinking I was gay or something, it was really weird but I never thought about that. ------Creepy part right here------ After this I went back to my house. My grandparents where alive again and were preparing a party or something to celebrate their reviving. I was with a gf ( I never saw her face) and a little cousin we were helping buying stuff for the celebration. When we went home at some point my grandma started to make a weird noise like "ba ba ba ba" non stop. At first was funny but it doesn't seemed like stopping. We worried and tried to make her back into her senses, but nothing happened. We young people all went to the second floor while the elders tried to examine her. She was gone and it was only to get worse. My mother tried to speak to her and she replied inbetween babbing "I can't be here, I have a 30 cm. cut on my body, I shouldn't be alive. I didn't make this". I just grabbed my bicycle and went for help until I feel her passing away. This was so strong that I woke up. And then I hear a similar "ba ba ba" noice. It was my laptop, a problem occurred and the "alert sound" was popping non stop. Holy shit that was awful and anticlimactic haha.