Back in Ancient Time where maybe Egypt or Rome

Date: 2/3/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I woke up in a huge room with white things everywhere and no dots so people can walk in and out but there was curtains everywhere of every color. And I am shear dress that you can see my boobs and my vagina and goes up to my thigh so like a slutty night gown ansi wake toward a window and I look out and I m in Ancient Rome. And I am thinking what the hell and I'm a princess or a slave??? Than a guy walks into my room " oh your awake good let me show you around the palce. I nod " do I need to change? And he says no your fine Than I wake around the place than he gets us alone " I hope you know your father wants us to get married" I look at him and he looks like he is his late 20 and I just started 20 " oh okay but why?" Than he pulls me in for a kiss than I wake up