School disaster

Date: 7/22/2017

By audreyw

In this dream it was the first day of school. I walked into the classroom and coach peters was telling us we had four minutes exactly to turn in our literature assignments. I remember looking at my schedule to find ap world and being very confused as I saw two history classes, one being the next class. I hurriedly finished the lot assignments on notebook paper and turned them into coach peters, panting with exhaustion as if I had just run a marathon. I then went into a new classroom and this man who was bald with glasses was the teacher. Apparently the class was "African American studies" and it taught culture and how the world is different under oppression. Then a mrs Williams (ap world teacher) walked in to check on us and I thought "CRAPPPP" and started writing random stuff on paper to finish the assignment" I did not finish and mrs Williams looked very disapproving and said, " I guess it was too much to hope for another good whisnant" - the end