Dinosaurs, Godzilla, Val's toilet, hunger, Tom Cruise's $10

Date: 4/26/2017

By Purple

This was either many dream fragments or all part of a larger dream that I can't see the connections. The different scenes unfold as follows: There were elephants making noise to get out from where they were contained. Dinosaurs were seen as pests, but the mission was that we needed to rescue the dinosaur that was different than the others. We also had to keep Godzilla. Tom Cruise owed me money. He repaid me $10, but then gave me a total of $15 for my trouble. I said no, and meant to give him the $5 back, but somehow still wound up with $11. I saw this as he was walking away and just left it as it was. There was an off-broadway play going on in a restaurant. Audience was paying no mind, and was disrespectful to the actors. Many customers and wait staff were walking everywhere. There were no stage barriers. One woman in the audience knew all they lyrics and lip-synched with the whole show. Someone looked like Donna M, but wasn't Donna when I asked her. She then became Donna when someone else asked her. That woman offered Donna a drink and they both walked away together. Scene changed again: I was walking in a strange pvt home, looking for the exit. I followed some steps to exit, but somehow got turned around. I tried backtracking, accidentally went to strangers home then turned back for exit and found myself at Val's. I said I was gonna be late for work but had to use bathroom and eat something else. My breakfast was not enough to sustain me. Val invited me to use her bathroom, but told me not to flush. I accidentally flushed by habit. Whoops! Wrong toilet. I was using the family bathroom. I saw something with water running that looked like a fountain display you'd see in the park. It was shooting yellow water and then grey water, then yellow again. Was that pee? I don't know, but it sure looked that way. I finally found the right toilet. Dreams end.