A crazy Trip with some old friends

Date: 3/5/2017

By josevelaz

So, I was in the really crazy intersection in my city, and I kept crashing with cars and people, they all seemed to be in a fixed position, couldn't move, and couldn't be knocked down, kind of like statues but way stronger. Afterwards I kept going down the street to get to my house, but I notice these girls from my old school in Puerto Rico. I knew 2 of them and the 2nd one must be someone I've seen before but I couldn't recognize because the person had a face. (I don't remember what happened rn) I'm talking to them and I start getting kinda intrigued by one of them, I ask them if they want to hang out and go to the pool, they said yes and a lot of my friends started popping out of nowhere. I tell them to go to the pool and they all disappeared. I start walking with the girls until we reach this place where it randomly brought me to my old neighborhood. We started fucjing around, all 5 of us there and girl B's swimsuit top kinda falls off. Well, I try to take it off but she's laughing and saying no. I get close to her hug her and tell her I'm not an asshole. She takes of her top and we were magically sitting down. I start sucking on her tit and out of nowhere we get teleported to this room where we're having sex. Afterwards I'm like, FUCK YEAH, I just lost my virginity. So, I start walking with girl A, a girl I've liked almost my whole life. And in my head im like, I wanna fuck her. We teleport to the front of her house where her dad is mad at me for some reason and won't let her come with me to my pool(somehow he knew my intentions) btw. We were all there earlier and her dad was chill asf with me. Well, back to the story. He wasn't letting her come so she was like "Make me" and left to the pool, we started hiding from him but them everyone got there and she disappeared. After a while she reappeared crying and mad, she grabbed something then left Now, one of the creepiest things that has ever happened in a dream, is this She leaves, and after a couple of minutes. My mom comes in, looks at me and says "Hey you, wake up now!" And it woke me up irl I guess I'll never know the end of the dream