Date: 5/18/2019

By may2004

Mom picked me up from school but every thing out side looked weird and wrong like a gliched out game I got in the back seat of the car and mom was in the back seat next to me and then we started moving and every thing outside started looking more correct except it was both night and day at the same time at first I felt safe and comfortable like I always do when I'm with mom and she seemed normal and was looking out the window like she admiring the weird half and half sky more so the sun half so I looked out my window and saw a beautiful moon and stars so I asked her to look out my window instead of hers and it looked like it annoyed her like no tomorrow then I got weird feeling in my stomach like fear and panic mixed and shot my head away back to my window but all I could do was look at the seat or it was more like I didn't want to look out side after a while one of us sparked up a conversation I can't remember what we were saying all I can remember is that I was scared(ish?) and I started noticing odd things like how her arms were covered in tattoos one seemed oddly familiar then the thought "how is she driving when she's back here" or something like that came to mind so I looked in the front seat there was a another mom a different one but she looked scared I asked something like how did you get her and first mom said don't worry about it and the dream cut like a movie I think I stepped out of the car and ''mom'' followed although I knew something was wrong almost sencing this she said as she got out of the car after me something I don't remember but I didn't trust her but was like my mind was trying to force me to by saying stuff like it's your imagination stuff like that and I blurted out in thought well how am I supposed to believe her she looks different or something like that focusing on her arm more the one tattoo I could focus on the rest seemed blurred and lifeless(?) somehow but that one seemed alive and colorful and I had a thought that sounded matter of factly but It got interrupted by myself(?) before I could finish it "its wro-its not" but it felt like the interrupting voice was from a third party then the second mom got out or appered(?) next to the first mom and thanked her after saying something else and was cupping her hands in front of her like she was waiting to be paid or something and me and the first mom entered into a restaurant looking place I was walking a head of the first mom and was thinking about the syndrome where people are convinced one of there loved ones are replaced by a on acter or something and was trying very hard to convince my self that this was the case like I completely refuse to except the truth what ever that was I was walking up to the reception desk I think and then every thing faded to black and I woke up