feb 26

Date: 2/26/2017

By Parismonay

First I was in a car with my mom and brother and my solution for something had dropped out of the car and I told my mother to turn around which she didn't want to do. My brother had found it right next to me and felt like he does everything ( but he doesn't . And I was suppose to go get my nails done ...... that's all I remember from that scene. ..... I was at school and miss Delong was looking for me and my two friends , we ran all around the school and finally accidentally wounded back in her classroom where she saw us sneak out the back she followed us out the class and called security I ran into the caffiteria hoping my friends would catch up. Once I got there I saw they were not behind me so I motioned for them to come , cause they were still down the hall. A white girl with brown hair girl (she was one of my friends but I forget her name ) she ran somewhere but I didn't see where cause all of the people down the hall ran towards the caff so I was like I'm out once I fully got into the cafeteria a person shouted my name in a mike and had told everyone that I was in trouble , but the weird thing is they had like extra extra food today and we could get it ourselves so I grabbed hand fills of chicken tenders and fries and barbecue sauce and just ate and ate in my dream. I soon found my friends well some of them I still couldn't find the white girl, and sat down with them ....... this is all I remember for that scene.