Wtf. The Dark Dimension Attacks.

Date: 3/23/2017

By Fitful

I was a girl from another dimension or reality or world or something. I had come here, to escape the ravages of War. I was a dark.. Something. Sorcereress? Princess? Witch. Werewolf? I married this normal white guy and we had kids. But I was very stressed by something suddenly. I was searching for something to protect us, something from the other dimension. The other dimension was in turmoil, there was war there. This big cloud of darkness covering the landscape of the other dimension. I was searching on my tablet. I finally concluded the way to protect us from the war over there, it was a dark spell. I found a file on my tablet, and the stamp of a specific sigil which when channeled into would let me see and protect the wearer from the darkness. But I was frustrated. I didn't have a printer. And I needed to make it a stamp besides. I would have settled for printing it, but the paper I found I had, wasn't white but instead was covered in black like it had already been printed on. I couldn't find anything to print on, and the sigil remained stuck on the tablet. My roommate was on the bed beside me while I growled in frustration on the floor beside my bed for not finding the paper to print on. She was on the phone, a 90's pastel teal phone with a curly cord, and said she hated me for a roommate and wanted a new one. I was so annoying. When I was in the other dimension it as my job to train armies for the war. Now that I was gone the armies were crap. The recruits weren't the best nor trained well. I would watch flashes of them being trained on the beach while I was on my tablet trying to find a way to stop them. It wasn't really the army I was worried about, it was this dark cloud which dominated the whole world. The world was so ravaged it looked like a red planet, the beach had no ocean, but instead beyond the sand red cracked ground. I went to a wedding with my husband. I was very upset whoever it was - was getting married. I was embarrassed for them. My husband decided in the middle of the wedding he could take care of the dark dimension. He walked off mid ceremony to go do that, and the children followed him. I got up and followed him too, muttering about how they have my will but were just as useless as him. I think I was referring to his human DNA. I think I was if not racist very jokingly prejudice which bled through during stress as harsher. I was wearing a black sexy velvet dress with a hood, like some Nordic witch. It billowed behind me as I walked out of the wedding. In the bathroom, which is where he was 'taking care' of the dark dimension this piss poor werewolf blew my children into the trashcan. They were very amused and wanted to be just like the werewolf. A fat cat assassin attacked but didn't do much damage. He was too fat. My child, which resembled a very large onion if the onion was rubber like a dog chew toy, exclaimed in a high pitch voice about how he wanted to be a werewolf when he grew up. He had tentacles and he wanted to be a werewolf. I was doing a video on the Internet, talking live to a few people. I was translating what was happening in the dark dimension to everyone, and the language barrier was steep. I would say the same sentence and it didn't get through to the viewers. I kept translating everything but the translations went often awry. Like the word chicken shit. Then this Asian guy just walked into my shop because I invited him in the other language and he just started stripping down to his underwear on camera. Miscommunication I guess. The entire time I was on the tablet doing the video and working hard to translate, I thought I was awake. I was literally on the cusp of waking up and thinking I was awake on my tablet. I was even annoyed in I hadn't remembered any dreams last night. Thought perhaps I didn't dream. When I did wake up, I woke up in the exact same position I had been in in my dream, except my eyes weren't open in the dream, and my tablet was still on the charger. I literally watched it disappear in my hand like smoke. And realized I was still sleeping.