Date: 7/5/2017

By madmad

This will not be in order I found a baby in my second story window. There was a basket hanging there. When I held her I felt like I was suppose to have her. She was warm and cute. Then she started to grow up. She was now like 4 and she thought her name was a cartoon character. I came up with a new name for her. She was smart like Matilda. Terrible parents I thought, they can't even teach her, her own name. They pulled up in a huge black truck looking for her. I asked how they knew she was here and they had no answer. I wish I didn't give her to them. ~ I was driving and I wasn't paying attention to the road. There was a river thing ahead of me that was an entrance for boats. Me being dumb like I am I drove right into the water. I remember in my head thinking like "shit this is real I really fucked up" But I was able to get myself out of the water and keep driving. ~ A boy named Liam neeson ~