This actually may apply to real life 🤔

Date: 3/27/2017

By Kyle

I was in some kind of special camp hospital for (some kind of personal problem I can't identify lel), there was a mature lady running the whole thing, I voluntarily went there and I didn't want my parents finding out, so I only want to be there for a day or two, i wasn't feeling good in my stomach, I was telling the lady what I ate before that, later I was feeling good and was going under the bed for some Costco cookies and my iPad, then the lady came up and asked me if there wasn't electronic going on around there, I hid it and said no, then she said that just cause I was feeling better, didn't mean I actually solved my problem. So that was the barebones of it (as I wait like 12 hours later to write this) So I don't know, I think there's a hidden meaning in this dream, where there's a problem in my life that I haven't identified or subconsciously ignoring.