Abusers in my dreams

Date: 6/20/2017

By catheartic

I woke up in a dark room that had a lot of brown. There was a red tint to the light in the room. I was hot, so I uncovered and sat up. I saw at least three different digital clocks, all with different times. One clock said 7:60, and then it changed to 32:16. I left the room I was sleeping in and went across the hall to a bathroom. I realized then that I was in my grand aunt's mansion-type house. I walked around the bathroom for a minute and then went back into the hall, where there was a long staircase. I went down and mom was sitting by the stairs, and when she saw me she said "Hey honey, how are you feeling? Did you have a good sleep?" And she was being really sweet to me. I understood then that I was mentally ill in some way. Mom called to my dad in another room and said "Rob, she's awake." He came out and was looking at me. It was raining outside and mom and dad went up to the front door to look outside, and I noticed Bella was next to me. Bella and I decided to go up a different flight of stairs by the front door. We got to the first landing and I turned to look downstairs through a little window thing, and I saw two people, a dark-haired man and a woman with long blonde hair. The woman turned around and it was my teacher, Ms. Harding. We looked at each other for a minute and then I turned around and went up the rest of the stairs. She said something but I didn't understand it. Suddenly it jumps and I'm standing next to the stairs that lead up to the room I was sleeping in, and next to that there was a big open room. There was a staircase in the left side of the room so I went over and went up it. I look to my right and I see the room that I slept in, but it wasn't where it was before. I was standing on a ledge and I had to hold onto a railing so I didn't fall off. I kept walking down the ledge and it stopped, so I turned around and went back to the stairs. My mom said "Honey be careful, don't look down." I sat down on the first stair and crawled down. Next to the stairs there was a rocking chair and John, my abuser, was sitting in it smiling at me. I saw him and I started saying "No no no no" repeatedly and hyperventilating. My mom jumped up and grabbed me to pull me away from him and I calmed down. I was wearing a jacket and I laid my head down on my mom's lap. She laid down and I started freaking out again so my dad yelled at mom. Then it changes again and I'm walking down a hallway with pillars looking into the big room on the left. There's another hallway that comes out on the right and my mom's brother Jeff comes out. As soon as I see him I start saying "No no no no" and hyperventilating again. He grabs me and pulls me down to the floor and tells me it's okay, but I'm still freaking out. Then I woke up