Clock tower hubby

Date: 5/18/2017

By guido38

Some of it can't remember . But I guess there were terrorists on their way toward my little neighborhood and I just remember telling my dad I was going to climb on top of the roof with my ak 47 and have at them . Then it was night time and I was driving with my manager and we were outside this building late at night . He was talking to me about something and I just wasn't intrigued and then for some reason it was like he got quiet and I felt a tension like the feeling you get when you make a bet . So we were in the car and I made a call on my Bluetooth I guess it was to the wife I don't actually have . Now you know In a lot of cars with Bluetooth you make a call the number shows up on the screen . He didn't know my contacts but I thought I dialed the wrong one . Then this chick answered and I literally just talked to her like she was my wife for a few minutes and we hung up . And that was it