That’s not the way out

Date: 7/9/2019

By abbyjay123

I remember bits and pieces. In the first part, I’m sitting in the auditorium of where i went to middle school, lined up with my friends, about to audition for a musical. The closer it gets to the actual audition time, the more anxious I get. I know this is a dream, but i can feel my heart racing, and i run out of the auditorium. The next part is after school, and I’m meeting up with my dad and his side of the family at a water park. He’s being nice to me, kind of, but he’s being nicer to his new son (the baby he had with meghan), and it makes me sad. I leave because i just want to be alone in my dorm, but apparently that can’t happen. I run into laura on my way back, and I know we’ve just accidentally started playing a type of real life interactive video game, but it wont start until we have more players. We run into shannyn and andrew, and I’m pissed, because now this game is going to start. We go to andrew’s childhood home, and supposedly i have played this before because I’ve played with andrew before, and i know exactly what’s coming. Andrew’s dad is going to appear, but he won’t be quite human, and we will have to kill him. When his dad appears, im holding a piece of wood to defend myself, and shannyn and laura have weapons as well. Im telling them to keep their backs to mine, so that we’re forming a circle, but they both face my back, and andrew’s dad stabs shannyn in her shoulder. We continue to try to stop him, because he’ll hurt andrew if we don’t, but we’re doing a bad job, and i keep saying, “I don’t understand! I was so good at this last time!” I also know that since this is technically a horror game, i would be getting brutually murdered by the dad if it weren’t for shannyn and laura. We aren’t able to defeat him, and the game cancels. Shannyn and andrew leave back through the front door, and laura is leaving through the back. Im going to use the front door as well, and im trying to tell andrew im sorry that i couldnt stop his dad, but I can’t open the door. Ive had a dream like this before, where im pressing buttons on a controller but im still in my own pov in a video game. Thats whats happening now. Im trying to open this front door before the level resets and im stuck with andrews father, but I can’t get it to work. Im panicking and frantically pressing buttons because i dont know why its not working, and i turn around for a brief moment to see andrews inhuman father getting pieced back together into existence, and i know ill die in here alone I hear laura scream, “abby!” And i start to cry as i continue to try to escape. Laura screams so goddamn loudly, “THATS NOT THE WAY OUT!” as my heart and lungs feel like they’re about to burst out of my chest, and my alarm goes off.