Date: 5/5/2017

By crossheartcat

i was walking with my friend jo, at a big mall of some sort. she then lead me to her college dorm that is attached to the mall. The dorm had a normal house-like appearance but we went down a red staircase and landing to get to the rooms and common area. I met several other people I know from campus in the dorm. We hang around for a while and some people ate some lunch. A friend I've been crushing on, Alex, is also there eating boxed lunch. when all of us were hanging out he asked me quietly something about 'taking a leap' but I answered jokingly something to the extent of 'not now lah'. then when everybody finished their lunch we went out of the dorm and walked somewhere as a group. then we arrived at a mall again and while we were walking someone grabbed my ass. I turned around and saw a man I dont recognize. I immidiately became angry cos he was grinning ear to ear and didnt run away as I caught him red handed. I punched him and security came and got him. security asked me to come make a statement so the pervert can be taken to the police. I agree and asked if Alex would accompany me.After everything is done I excused myself to the toilet to wash my hands and just process what just happened. After, I ask alex if he could drive me home and he agreed. I fell asleep during the drive but got woken up suddenly by a bad thought and started crying. I tried really hard to stop it, but the shame and disgust and anger just overflowed. then I really woke up.