Tabletop World

Date: 2/26/2017

By Corvus

One world, 4 Countries, 1 Goal... World domination.... is what I want to say... but theres an issue at hand, there are limited resources in his tabletop world full of forests and animals. There are 4 Rulers on the land, the first one desperately thirst for power and wanted to dominate the flat world. the second one, however is too much of a chicken that only wanted to strengthen and protect what is his. The 3rd one is... idk, that person never talked to me. a loner? not sure, never did i see him talk to anyone. The last one is me, the outsider, or rather I instantaneously warped there with the same setting as one of the rulers of that flat land full of forests End of dream, woke up forcibly by queen.