tattoos and psychology

Date: 2/20/2017

By catheartic

I had a dream that my grandparents on my mom's side lived in a plantation-style home. They invited us over, and I was hanging out with a few people on their property. We were by ourselves and we were designing tattoos for me in this big wooden barn where we drew the designs on the walls. I got one on my ankle, and then I got one on my leg for Bon Jovi, who I love. He even designed my tattoo for me (it was an ace of spades or clubs, I can't remember). I kept getting more tattoos, and then my parents, grandparents, and uncles show up. My mom was cool with it, my dad cared a bit, my grandparents didn't mind, but one of my two uncles was very sad. He helped tattoo a few of them on me, and I could tell he didn't like it. After all the tattoos I wanted were put on my body, I told my uncle "I'm sorry you don't like them, but thank you for helping me." Then my mom, another uncle, and I decided that we wanted to get "pierced" by having a nail hammered into our shoulder and a jewel put on the end. We did it and it was really painful, but it was worth it. Then my family, three friends and I went into the house. Inside there was a whole rack full of clothes for me to try on (I was being praised, so they were a gift). I was trying things on and my mom told me not to pick out anything red because she didn't like red. I was trying on clothes with my friends and two of us (another girl and I) had different body features than the rest of my friends. We were talking about it and having fun when suddenly there's thunder and lightning and we can sense something is going wrong. One girl said "This always happens. Whenever something is going well, some spirit or storm comes and messes it up." Then suddenly I'm in my psychology class and everyone is there. We're all eating vanilla cake with strawberry frosting, but I'm eating it with a blindfold on, and I can clearly taste the tangy strawberry frosting mixed with the bland flavor of the vanilla cake. My teacher is going through everyone in the class and asking them to explain what happened to them in my grandparents' house, and based off what we say she gives us a disorder. I was given brushes, which represented patience, so my disorder was called Picard (There was no other name or title, just Picard, like the Captain from Star Trek). I wrote down my disorder in frosting on my plate. At that point everyone had shared their experience, so they were just talking with their friends. I still hadn't taken my blindfold off, and I was still eating my cake, and then the dream ended.