Calea Zacatechichi #5 - Pete Sleeping

Date: 5/18/2017

By TheNagual

Perhaps the longest most stable lucid dream I've had. I first remember meeting up and being with a group of old school peers. Kyle, Tommy, and William let me in on the gang. I took a hit of what I thought was someone's cigarette, I got high and found out it was their weed and we all were laughing and getting along. I was wearing black pants, a blue sweater, and my flip flops; How strange. We were all laughing and having a good time, they remarked at how they didn't know me like this. The setting was very dark and mysterious. They offered me a dab and I accepted. I was a bit nervous seeing how high I was getting, but I laid down in a separate room and sprawled out in my underwear and felt good. There were two eccentric gay men and an interesting women next to me wearing red who reminded me of Emerald. She left, there was a movie on.. I showed the gay men my erection, this turned me on seeing how much they liked it. After a few minutes I got tired of it though and we tried to hide our erections. The girl came back in and I felt relieved and attracted to her. The man kept playing injustice at a distance and getting frustrated. Inside, the other group was playing mortal kombat. The girl was insanely good at injustice. Some time after, in a tan apartment setting at night - I remember seeing bliss at the top of a balcony, I thought how I should text her and tell her how I am sorry. I wished to hear the perfect words, suddenly the dream sang an unfamiliar song that sounded like an intertwining of classic beach boys. A love song about leaving and hurting a girl, something like, "I know this, I love you, and you're heart will be good."??? In the apartments there was a non stop barking German shepherd. I kept walking around my door, afraid to go into this new strange apartment of mine and be with myself, like how I was once long ago. I ran by my apartment one more time after the women next door got upset and was going to yell at the people's dog. She had a child that needed to sleep. Inside my apartment I look at myself, downwards and at the mirror. My body was distorted and out of position and oddly hairy. This frightened me, however I had a dog as well that needed to be tended to. I thought at first it was my dog that was barking, a German Shepherd as well, but it was not. I played with my dog with all my heart and calmed her down, I had to give her 100% attention though. Things seemed to cool down after this happened. Finally, outside I pass by an Asian women with what I thought was a massive deformity that was a bowl connecting to her mouth, I didn't want to look. I woke up for a second and fell back asleep, my mantra kicked in... "wait, are rly dreaming?" It had been so long since a lucid dream that I looked at my hand and flipped 3, 4, 5 times and finally felt lucid. "I am dreaming!" I felt astoundingly excited. I then remember the strange women and felt fear to look, I could see she was looking at me now. I faced my fear and looked, she was now only holding a large pot in her hands with a smile! It was only a delusion! I was aware how excited I was and took off looking around the dream to make sure I stay lucid, I was very stable. I was humming joyful tunes, bursting with joy as I run swiftly through trees in a tight beautiful forest. I attempted to take off and fly, but hesitated and got stuck in the trees. I must have forgotten a bit, so much scenery... so finally I wanted to ask a question, I made it specific and my voice turned into god sounding. I wanted to know the most wholesome action to take regarding her situation. I then stumble upon a small classroom/workshop area and knew my answer was in there. Inside were two scientist men constructing something. I see a black cabinet, new and fresh. I ask so that when I open the cabinet I will find an answer. Inside... a small black child holding a small black book with gold leather writing engraved near the top. The child kept calling me "professor." The floor beneath spelled out "PROFESSOR" very large and bold. The child and book were interconnected and when I took the book to study, the child disappeared. I look at the title, it is hard to read. "Pete Sleeping Dream"??? Maybe... I opened at the book had a massive number of pages flipping through astronomical units and information. Carl Sagan was heard and felt, my past was felt. I had the thought how much she enjoyed that and perhaps I should find someone like that, maybe... the book landed on a page which expanded and showed nearby stars, each one bigger than the next. The last one, a scary massive purple star. There was a letter with my name perfectly written with a date as well, I looked closer and read, "1904 July 30th." Huh?? How mysterious. I see the two scientist behind me and decide to run an experiment: I kept asking the man if he was dreaming. I was going to stop saying it, I just kept saying non-stop, "Are you dreaming, are you dreaming." I made him go very curious and got him to believe it was. He had a dream journal of his own and wrote down what he thought he ought to. He said something that was dorky and I scoffed, the dream ended...