fairy prisoner

Date: 2/2/2017

By cdreemurr

i was like...some sort of fairy that was caught. well, no, i was a human that was caught by fairies who then turned me into a fairy. the area where they lived and kept me was like a main room, but the main room had four (maybe more?) rooms branching off that related to each of the elements, and each of those elements led outside. i only wanted to leave for a small amount of time because, after a while, i realized how amazing it was. i could fly and breathe underwater and i was finally away from my family!! it was awesome. the main leader guy still thought i would want to leave, so he made sure that this really nice male fairy and this kinda strict female fairy were always by my side. i remember flying out with the nice guy because he wanted to show me how it felt. it was pretty awesome. the girl freaked out because the guy had let me go outside, but when i came back with no trouble, she thought it was okay. i really enjoyed flying around outside so they let me do that some before they took me back inside. eventually, the leader person dubbed me a guest instead of a prisoner. i could leave if i wanted to, but i stayed with zero regrets.