My Book Character Comes To Life, sort of

Date: 2/8/2017

By Fileacethedragon

I was standing in a small kitchen, with a door that led outside, with two people. The first was a girl, who had shoulder length brown hair, she was behind the counter packing a bag. I was standing next to the girl, standing across the counter was a boy, he had wavy blonde hair, large tan ears, and a fluffy beige tall (He's half fennec fox) . we talk a couple of a minutes (I can't remember what we said) then the girl picked up the bag and we walked out the door we followed and stepped out into the cloudy day. Around us was a small river and black pebble beach. There was a short dock, and three large logs floating i the river. "I'll go first, Mika you go after me." The girl said dressing the blonde boy. The girl took a running lead of the dock and landed on the first log. Mika went next then me after him. I got to then second log then realized I had my phone. I hope back across the logs to the dock and through it up onto the beach. Once we were all across the river we started walking on a trail through the woods, every so often the girl would pick up something and put it in her bag. At one point the trail split in two directions. Mika and i went to the left and the girl went to the right. (I think her name was Risk) a couple feet down the trail there was a giant wasps nest about the size of my head. We couldn't get past it so we had to back track then catch up with the girl. Sorry for bad grammar it's late at night.