Getting My Car, Then my Pokémon

Date: 8/9/2017

By DopeGhost

At the start of my dream I was lending my car to Russel, my niece's dad. I thought I would get it back because I had trusted him (keep in mind I have a horrible history with Russel and would never do this). After weeks, I still hadn't gotten my car back, but for some reason I'd never just called him for it back. At this point I'm furious, and I'm yelling to my sister how frustrated I am. I tell her my terrible past with cars, and how I used to have two other cars: the limo from the movie 'Logan' and a Honda (I've never owned a limo and my mother owns a Honda). After some time, I decide to finally call Russel. I tell him that I will be calling the authorities if I do not get my car back. My dream totally flips at this point. Russel explains to me that he's been keeping my Pidgeot (At this point my car has changed to a bird Pokémon; the car never existed and from here on out apparently I need my Pidgeot back) because he's been using it for good. He tells me that he's now living in the forest training Pokémon to become stronger. He takes these Pokémon to an incredibly tall tower, and tests their reaction time by throwing them off, making them attack, and then my Pidgeot flies in, catches them before they hit the ground, and flies them to the top of the tower. Russel explains that no other bird Pokémon is as fast as Pidgeot, and this routine is important to Rusell's research. He asks me if he may keep my Pidgeot. I swiftly say no, and call the police. Then I woke up.