Searching for Proof of Worth

Date: 8/5/2017

By Fitful

Hazy remembering of being an alien in a box and being considered a second class citizen. Not good enough to consider much above animal intelligence, well that was prejudice talking, but it seemed a common one. ~ The world was so like New York City and yet not. It was different to the extreme but it felt like it was New York City there instead of New York City here. Anyway I was doing some serious investigation into proving paranormal and supernatural stuff. I got a hold of a movies of true things which had amazing videos on it. I watched each video and each was amazing. The one I recall the most had a pictures which moved and a woman in them began crying. I also watched one where there was a girl, this redhead gorgeous thing, who wasn't the main focus of the film but was so beautiful I wanted to know her. I told her, to the video mind, she was really intelligent. This was after she impressed me with a well thought out supposition. It was actually impressive and her eyes were so clear, I could feel her intelligence through the clarity in her eyes. She didn't answer directly, it was still a video, but the girl in the video which the video was a out did lean over and look at me and say the name of what I thought was a college. It sounded like Latin and like a college so I immediately looked it up, but it was instead a place to buy tuxedos, and a it did sell a few wedding dresses, mostly ones for winter climates. It was boss on the tudedos though. I was later with my family, or perhaps still watching the videos and seeing clips of what I thought was my reality. My grandfather asked me if I'd found a chubby girl to date yet, as if a chubby girl were my only option. I went off on a rant about why i should have to date only chubby girls, why not a skinny girl, or a 6 foot 9 girl or my rant continued in the same vein. I was upset about that. A bit later, I was either watching those videos still or leading my life and I was in the kitchen with the baby. It was a baby boy and we were teaching him not to go near the edge of the kitchen counter. We, I was either the mom or the dad, or something. But later the mom kept telling the little baby boy he was mean, and I recognized my mom saying such things. The dad was gone and she didn't like men so she didn't like the little baby boy I kept whispering in his hear he was good and sweet. Anything to countermand the woman's words. So he believed mine not hers. It hurt my heart to hear her say such things. ~ More hazy memories of being an alien and not accepted. ~ I was a guy, handsome and sexy, and in a car. He was super tired, as if he'd been up for 3 day straight. He was driving and the girl next to him kept asking if was really that tired. I felt his exhaustion, it was pulling him down. She asked him if he really had to go to bed. He fell asleep... And I woke up. Literally opened my eyes to the sunlight in the window.