Gothic cult

Date: 1/29/2017

By dystxpia

The dream started out in a large city that had a mix of older looking fancy buildings and new corporate tall ones. I was walking down the sidewalk with two others, a guy and a girl. They were obviously a couple and I was the odd one out, walking slightly behind them. The guy was very pale, with off white hair. He had on layers of black clothes (typical looking goth gear) which was way too warm for the weather we were in, decked out in black eye makeup. The girl had short brown hair and wore the same kinda layered style. They had to be otherworldly, but I just couldn't place it. They were my friends, but they also owned me as well? We walked in the shadows of the buildings, then entered one of the older looking ones with a marble staircase leading up to it. Ducking into one of the rooms, we changed clothes so we could bring less attention to ourselves when we were in there (I guess we were trying to infiltrate something?). For the first time I got to see myself in the dream, I had my black hair up in a formal style and had changed into a short black dress and matching heels. The other two still looked like outsiders, but we proceeded anyways. We walked down the warmly lit hall, past other turnoff to one where we were greeted by a man dressed in a suit, standing in front of two wide doors. The man looked at the other two first and scoffed, saying he couldn't let us in. As we were turning to leave, he finally saw me and pointed in my direction, telling me I could enter excitedly.  I split from the two and entered the room. There was a high end clothing sale going on, and I had something I had to do, but couldn't remember what it was. I decided just to look around until I find something. The goth guy had snuck in somehow, found me and pulled me into one of the clothing racks all upset. He starts asking me what the fuck I am doing, why am I taking soo long and that he has to do everything around here. He pulls a blank disc out of his pocket (I guess that's what we needed to grab), grabs my arm and pulls me away, out of the room. The other girl had left and gone back to the base. He pulled me down the hallway and back into the room we had changed clothes. We changed back into our origional gothic clothes and as we were leaving I mumbled a 'I'm sorry' to him. He stopped, turned away from the door to face me and pushed me down onto the ground. He climbed ontop of me and started kissing me. In my head, it was an honor to kiss him and I kissed back willingly. He held me tightly as he started to make out with me getting rough. He suddenly stopped, pushing himself up onto his feet and completely emotionless he said something along the lines of "That's all you get." and started to leave the room. I quickly got up to follow him, still wanting more and mumbled "no one has to no" which he completely ignored and kept walking. I follower him back to out "base" which was an older looking building with very dark interior and few others that were dressed like us. While he went to meet up with the other girl I left, walking down a large set of stairs and into a room with had a large, aged brass tub-looking contraption that had a bunch of nobs and levers attached to a brassy controlled panel in the edge of the tub. It was some kind of torture chamber that was hard to maneuver but I was determined to show I was worthy. I undressed and climbed into the tub. There was about a foot of water. I started pulling levers to drain it and it was hard to figure out but I was finally getting the hang of it and had refilled the tub with this semi-thick blood colored mixture before I woke up.