Google map updated

Date: 3/8/2019

By aa

I was looking for something in the mall and looking for my dad and someone with him. Then I went some place I even not to go or there is no possibility to go. A medical room or something everyone is checking like lab rats. Then I ran out I get out of mall that was a new door to get out. Then I have a laptop and charger with me. I opened Google map it shows throttled walk, drive like that so I throttled to drive. Now I just need to move my mouse arrow to move the map places and in it I was on the ground. Then eventually I moved and changed map with the arrows and o sit on a footing wall where there was a house behind. Then in moved my mouse now I can see live road. I saw a public transport red bus. Infront it was written about the places it go so I moved with the bus with my map and I could see it's shaft under. Then dad's friend came out of house. Then I enter the house rad was talking to mom over phone.