family reunion/ ghost house

Date: 2/20/2017

By ausleif

I was at this massive beach at midday with my entire extended family, the water stretched as far as you could see and was a sapphire blue. We all ate burritos but my aunt Karen told me I couldn't eat this 10 foot long burrito with lots of guacamole. I ran into the water and it was really strange because I couldn't feel the water on me, and I couldn't open my eyes under water. Waves started rolling in and me and my brother grabbed surfboards and we could just stand on the board and it would take us really far out. My grandpa was video taping us. After this I remember bits and pieces of this really old house house, with three stories, almost like Lucy's Green Castle. I was in a very old car with my family, on a deserted desert road, and as we crossed a checkpoint we hit this man. I got out to help him but he was dead. The strange family whom he belonged to asked me to come back to their house to help them, which happened to be the very old house. The mother, with long black hair and wearing a very old clothes started wrapping him in a carpet with ropes, and she started singing. Her song was so sad, but as her back was turned, the man arose and got out of the carpet. She seemed happy but not surprised. I hung out with the three kids, all around my age, 15/16. We had planned to film a vampire movie, but after what happened to their dad they felt weird. We then decided it would be about one of us taking drugs and falling into a mirror, and being in the house, where all the rest of us would be ghosts that tormented him. All the kids wore super old clothes and the house was in a wreck. This girl wore a long floral doing dress and decided her name would be Dawn. Kerr's dad came in as I was on the phone with him and he offered us all this very strange clear ice cream. I said yes, and Kerr asked who's house we were filming in and I said Astruds, which he was excited about, saying how big her house was.