Date: 4/29/2017

By AlleyCat833

I FUCJING hate zombies. Fucking hate them. Ok so idk why but some of the people in my class were with me and we were in this empty mall playing this fucking game?? Like horror find the monster hide from the monster bullshit game? And ok fuck whatever right but the monster found us first and I was like OHHH shit I ain't gonna die and jumped a window that dropped down to the b1 level of the mall. And I guess other people joined me and suddenly we were in the food court cause that's how malls are food at the lower floors n shit. Ok so anyway I was like ok chill let's make our way up again and by the second floor SUDDENLY FUCKING ZOMBIES??? Like just came pouring in?? And we were like ohhhh shiiiit. Anyway I ran back down to the b1 level and stood on table with my friends Amy and Cindy. For some reason the zombies couldn't reach us?? Even though it was a regular table??? Anyway then I saw Daniel walking up to us but he was really pale and I was like oh shit dude you a zombie? And he was like oh yeah I guess I am now. Gonna eat you dude. And I was like well fuck this bullshit 70% of the people I know are zombies fuck it imma try to make a break for it if I die I die who gives a shit. And so I run leaving behind Amy and Cindy and just fucking run and hide but guess fucking what?? A zombie was already there. But guess fucking what again? It was Mina!! Poor Mina got bullied so me kindergarten. But hey I was pretty somewhat nice to her but still shit a zombie. So I said hey man you gonna eat me? And she look at me and was all like, nah imma save your life girl. And I was like hell yeah baby you gonna go out get me food n shit? And she was like nah bro I'm just gonna teach you how to act like a zombie and give you some makeup people can't tell anyway. And I was like well fuck me with a chainsaw I guess you're right all you zombies are just pale ass motherfuckers y'all like pretty much just like normal humans. So she made me pale and told me to not speak unless spoken to and just be chill you know zombies only know you're human if you arent chill. And so I was on my way being chill and shit. So I'm walking around and no one seemed to care. I saw Daniel again and was like hey man see anymore humans? And he was like idk dude I guess not? You a zombie too? And I was like hell yeah baby. I wandered around a bit and was like hey guys why are we looking for people?? We don't really eat anybody anyway seeing as none of us are missing any body parts. All the other zombies were like idk man I guess that's just what we do. And I was like fuck dudes I want some chips and ramen right now. And they were like hell yeah fuck eating people lets go get chips and ramen. And I was like well thank fucking god then I ain't a zombie I'm a human lol. And like 1/4 of the people were also human and we were cool. The mall opened up again for some reason but it was run but zombies now and whenever people came down to b1 we had to stop being creepy and weird and pretend to be normal which was chill I guess the end. Only scary in some parts but it ended up being chill.