Bebe going cray cray

Date: 1/25/2017

By kaizah

I was at Eric's house for something then Bebe got loose and was trying to attack me and I was jumping on the trampoline then back over the fence because Bebe was trying to come eat me. Then I ran down the road and jumped up onto this fence on the other side. Eric followed with my shoes and just threw them. Bebe Eric and moudi followed but Eric wasn't and couldn't do shit about the dog. After a bit I said to him "wow I thought we're friends but you can't even help me? And he said jaak were not friends konichiwa!! And I was like wow.. still stuck on the fence. Bebe was still tryna eat me, but then I asked is Bebe still ther ? And moudi had a look around the fence and she was. Then after a bit she was gone and I made my way over to the next fence etc etc while Bebe followed