Another one

Date: 8/31/2019

By paxman321

I can barely remember it but one scene I was in a corn field but all the corn was gone and I was sitting with two friends from camp and my foster parent and my mom was there you see I don't live with my mom my mom isn't healthy enough to care for me so this is odd) me and my foster parent got in a fight so I ran away from the corn field to my grandfather's and it was dark out I just realized what I did then I got worried so I called my foster parent but before o could she walked out of the hallway and said are you coming? I was confused and scared she said that my grandmother was in the living room (my grandma passed away last year) and then a scene cut went to me and my brother in his room at my old house and my "mom" was there but it didn't look like her and there was a man who left then another came so charlie (my brother) asked where did he go and the man looked frustrated and left my mom started crying and hit my brother then it cut to a scene where my mom when she was younger at a airport and she looked terrible like she was doing meth skinny and looked rotten she was sitting on a bench and from my pov it's right at her face but with the background still there she was talking bout how she was a disappointment to my grandmother then my grandma as a younger women was standing behind my mom and slapped her my mom didn't even move then she said she deserves it but in her head then that's the end This was a horrible dream because it felt like those things did happen in the past