Very very weird

Date: 6/3/2017

By phan._.howlter

Okay, I don't believe in any of this or want to EVER do it, but it was a mix of two things I had just recently seen... at least this dream takes place in a game... but still.... disturbing... So I had just been watching a documentary where in Spain, they raised a pig, then killed it for a feast.. I also watch dan and phil play outlast on their channel... anyways to the dream.. So it started with me in a game that reminded me of outlast and took place in a minecraft - like game. Dan and Phil were there too. Then I went into the house and used my camera recorder for light and found them both sitting in a pig stall. Then I turned into this creepy, pale, ghost-like girl, with Lon blonde hair and started saying "you're next, Danny fire." I then proceeded to get a knife from my "hotbar" and slid the knife from dans neck to his stomach, like the way ou would do a pig. In ñ the process, you have to remove the fat from the pig, so I did that to dan. Then , he ran away (he was alive, be a mark on him) and a giant pile of fluffy slime was where dan was sitting. At the end of the dream, it was like a poll, and it said in a male announcer voice "who would you marry, dan or Phil?" I said neither and I woke up.