My son, the Kinder Egg.

Date: 6/20/2019

By clointoronto

Took the kids to McDonalds. This McDonalds is located in a condo where a friend of mine owns a unit. While there, we heard some people saying there was a kid concert in that building. In real life, one access points into that building is in that McDonalds so in the dream, we went over to that door in hopes that it was an open event and the door was unlocked wasn’t. I was pretending to look for my keys while thinking to message my friend to see if he had another set of keys somewhere that I could use. Meanwhile, my 6 year old pulls out some keys and places them up against the fob receiver and it opens but those we my keys to my house, not this place. 🤔 We sneak past security and head up to the only place I thought this party would be happening. Everything was renovated and nowhere could I find this place. The security guy came up close to us so I acted like I was looking for my keys again to get through the next door; he turned away. So I decided to proceed the other way and that’s where I saw the biggest, craziest and coolest waterpark. The biggest waterslides you’ve ever seen. As we were walking around, we decided to walk through this really shallow lazy river. At one point my daughter stepped through a pile of otters that were huddled in one area of the pool; there were many interesting animals in this chlorine filled water. Then my son wanted to play with a toy car. He pushed it down this path then he disappeared. I ran down after this tiny car to see where he went. There was a guy at the bottom who crashed into this wall. I could faintly hear my son calling for me so I start freaking out. He was laughing a bit telling me that my son crashed into him (which was a dead end) so I asked where he was. He pointed down to where this pile of crashed toys were. I was frantically looking for him while yelling at this guy to help me. Finally, I found him. My son Had turned into a a Kinder Egg sized child but that wasn’t it - he was hard...he was now a Kinder Egg toy. Yet I could hear him whimpering from being sad about the accident. I placed him in my hands and put him close to my heart to try and help him calm down. Then I woke up.