Book Store, Manga and Aliens

Date: 7/13/2017

By Avniel

Me and my classmates were going too this bookstore and it was big, after the teacher gave us a lecture about the rules we all were separated, But all of the sudden this giant group of aliens showed up for the same thing and we decided to ignore them and we went on our way to look for books, I was with my friend Jonas and he found the comic book section but there was one problem, the side of the section has these giant cockroaches but Jonas went inside anyway but I walked away to find another section that didn't have any GIANT BUG. While I was walking, I found the erotic manga section and I quickly went past it and then I found a Pixar Cars game for the Nintendo Switch and I decide to ignore it I was able to find my friends and were looked at the normal manga, I told my female friend that i saw the erotic section and she flipped out and told me to show her it, my male friend was confused but he decided to ignore us cause he kinda knew what was going on. We walked to the places were the aliens were but they were gone. I checked my kindle to see how it was and it's screen was fine. And then I heard some crash and it was coming from the plane testing area the was close to the bookstore. Meanwhile in the Plane testing area they were some middle aged guys doing some plane stuff and one of them were Vlogging.