Date: 5/26/2017

By notyourdolly

My youth class went to Kohl's to go shopping for Easter clothes. Not only did the class go, but our families went as well. I spent a lot of time trying on clothes and passing the time. It was getting pretty late, and among the last to leave were Jenny, the Pagets, my family, and me. I went around saying goodbye to everyone so that I didn't miss them before they left. I hugged Ellie goodbye, and she skipped off with her parents. I hugged Jenny, and she went back to looking at clothes with Lydia. Then I turned to Ethan and asked if he wanted a hug too. He gave me a hug and then fell over so I had to pull him up. Then he asked me if I had any sunglasses because he lost his. I looked through my purse to find my sunglasses, but someone had stolen them. I told him I'd buy him a pair since I knew that most sunglasses were under $10. He had to leave before I could buy him the sunglasses. I didn't know what pair he wanted so I just picked one out, but I also bought him a tie for some reason. The next day was Sunday so that meant we were at church, and I had to figure out a way to give him the tie and sunglasses without anyone thinking I was weird.