The Big One

Date: 5/18/2017

By LadyLuna321

It happened. Start to finish it finally vame true. An apocalypse I truly got to participate in. I was... doing something, when suddenly Zombies. It was beautiful, no fear at all, just meat bags and infinite chances to carve them up or die. All fight and no flight. I was dressed kinda masc, but I could tell I wasn't closeted. It was purely for protection. There were some people who heard of me, deep into it, and enlisted me to help their research team reach the bottom of a silo on a grainery or some shit. I agreed purely for the challenge of it. People died, cities burned. I had to kill some with my bare hands. Some in that sentence meant people who were squatting and looting and zombies. It was incredible, and some of the team even reached the bottom and got what they wanted. Once they were there I simply rode the activated elevator back up and went back to what I do best.