Obstacle course maze 25.8.17

Date: 8/25/2017

By MeddlingGoat

I was with a group of friends going through a maze with obstacles. It was a warehouse space on the top floor of a building. I remember seeing the sun setting through the big windows, red and violet sky in the horizon. The maze was made out of mats and pads that you see at a gymnasium. And parts of it was made of jumping castles. So i was going through the maze, jumping over platforms and got to a tent. I climbed in and realised that it was a dead end. I looked up and noticed an opening in the roof of it * that has to be the way out* I thought to myself. The only way I could get to it is to get in between the net layer and the water proof layer of the tent. I made my way through and as I put my head through the opening Kez's face was right in front of me, so close that we touched noses. I looked around and realised that I was inside of her t-shirt. So both of us were wearing her t-shirt, in that sort of sense. I remember the material on her bra made my chest itch. "You were supposed to face the other way and continue " she said. "Oh, ok cool" I replied. So I went down, turned around and climbed back up her top facing the other way now.