The Mother and the Meat Cleaver

Date: 2/15/2017

By SandStormsz

Currently my dad is away for work in Germany so my nan and grandad are stopping at my house. But in the dream it was mom staying over. She wanted to move some stuff around but I said "no, this isn't your house. You have no right to! You need to accept that." She was in shock and didn't say anything. When I was leaving the house i saw Callum walking down the road and he said we would meet at the end and we could walk together. Then, mom tried to grab my bag and said "that was really disrespectful what you did earlier". I ripped my bag back and said that we'll talk about this later. In rage, she threw a meat cleaver near me just to scare me. I flipped her off and walked down the road. Callum was at the end of the road waiting for me, and Prentice and Alex were there for some reason. I started tearing up and then I woke up.