OTSL mayhem

Date: 5/27/2017

By Celested94

I was in the costume shop with Vicki and the rest of the costume stitchers. I was helping out with little things. I had also gotten some little scraps of fabric from a free pile of fabric scraps. Suddenly there was some tension in the shop and I wasn't sure what was wrong. Someone in charge comes into the shop and it became really tense. She is unhappy with something of which I am not aware. I think she is the draper. After she leaves everyone gathers around a table looking at a piece of paper. I stand off to the side unsure of what is happening. A gentlemen comes over to me and whispers intensely at me and says "You might want to just go. If you leave now she won't be mad at you." (Keep in mind that I'm not even employed at this place, just visiting Vicki) Then he said "You can take some scrap fabric with you if you would like." I reply with "okay, I already got some things." But I grab some extra just in case. I look back to Vicki and say "I guess I'll just see you at home." She nods. After I leave the room and begin walking down the hall I here a women enter and she begins complaining about someone using too much Febreze (she uses the word deodorant even though I know that's not what she meant). She says that her boyfriend is allergic and had a sneezing attack. I begin to walk away faster. The end.