Dream with Cayde-6

Date: 5/2/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

Don't remember much about it except for the part he was in. It was in an old metal walled, but still sort of Destiny-looking, hangar that was connecting to others that looked similar (basically, setting was surrounded by industrial space-age walls). Then Cayde was there, but only his head. Apparently he'd just had his exo reboot or had given away some (most) of his exo parts, probably for glimmer tbh, and I noticed I was a very similar exo but with red coloring. Then he said he'd better get to the repair room while he could still move (he was just a head tho?) and I remember thinking that he'd use the force of small explosions to move to there. When I got to the other room, I don't think he was there, and I remember seeing blood smeared on the walls that must have been his (dream logic). It was as if someone had reached up above their head with a hand that was covered in blood then dragged it down and in a slight curve to the left all the way down to their knees (there was no one standing near it, that's just to describe how the blood smear looked).