I think I should call him

Date: 5/25/2017

By Tori45

So I like this boy and he likes me so last night I was thinking what I should do?? Call and meat up with him or do nothing. In the dream: I woke up in my room my friends stayed the night because it was the night before prom. We get ready and go. Nothing really happened there other than evacuating the building because it caught fire but no one got hurt. My friends and I were getting dropped off at our houses and that night I call *lets call him Lucas* Lucas and I ask him to come over. He agrees and says he will be there in 1 hour. So I go to get ready. I ware I cute turquoise top and a jean jacket with jean shorts. I put my hair up. He ends up nocking on the door 20 minutes than what he was supposed to. We sit on the couch and talk. My friend shows up and tries to talk to him because she knows I like him. I close the door and wait until she leaves. After a while we go into the forest. We find a spot that has a lot of flowers. We talked about how life was. I end up leaning up against the tree and Lucas ends up standing right in front of me and stares directly at me in the eyes. His blue eyes and blond hair look so nice in the sun. All of a sudden he moves closer to me and kisses me. Then I wake up