Flirtatious Cheating

Date: 6/3/2017

By crazyhippie

I was sitting next to my best friend in the exam room. We were sitting at wooden desks, about to take the chemistry exam. It turned out that you were allowed to use a thin textbook in the exam which I didn't know about and didn't bring it. Two minutes into the exam my bestie very obviously passed the book to me and we kept passing it back and forth until the guy , about our age, who was invigilating our exam came over. He asked us to stop but my bestie just kept on passing it and laughing dating him to stop. In the end I didn't really need the book but my friend kept on messing about,so the guy would stand b hind my shoulder for ages, especially while I tried to think of all the different colors of precipitates that NaOH would make with Cations. This was a question which I pretended to do while he stood over me and smiled at the fact that I wasn't accepting my friends book. I had just started eliminating all the answers which were not possible as they were not ions when I woke up.