Cheater #2

Date: 4/4/2019

By diego890

We went on a field trip with puente and you were mad at me idk why but you were and were going to like a city by the beach and the whole ride there on the bus i was talking to kristeen the teacher, because she was driving. You tried talking to me asked me to download sum but i ignored and you left and went back to your seat. Then we got there and for some reason i had to work which is weird anyways, so i was working and i saw you and you were wearing the burgundy dick me down shorts and i was like wtf and just a bra too, and i went to you and asked why you were wearing that and you were like cause im getting dicked downed duh and just laughed and i was like i dont get out till later and you were like ik it gives me enough time to find someone and laughed and walked away. And yea that was about it.