Witch, Singing, Accident

Date: 1/25/2017

By ace200

There is this kid's movie I used to watch that sparked this dream. The movie is about a girl witch who turned thirteen and has to go away from home for one year as tradition for witches, but it takes place in a modern world where not everyone is a witch and it's rare. So, I was a witch and just got home after being gone for two years. I connected my broom to a string that had a rock on the end as like an anchor so I could hover in the air for a while in my hometown before seeing my family. It was this beautiful green park that was huge with a big lake and I was taking picture from on the broom. I started flying home, but it was really windy and super hard to steer and go in the right direction. Old neighbors were saying hi to me. It looked like my real neighborhood with more trees. My house looked like a townhouse in a city location, maybe a bit smaller then the house from Full House. Inside was all blue and there was a Chandler and ponds. Maybe it was a witch thing since I knew my mom was one too. I went in and had two brothers, they looked like Greg and Rodrick from the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The mom and my brothers were hugging me and then I flew up and found a secret room above the living room. Rodrick was there already and I got upset. He and Greg didn't have an special powers. I remember a man coming over too, but not too much about that. He needed to find my mom or something. I was then at School in Genova's English class and she put music on and my class was dancing. I knew all the songs, I remember she put on Grease and good stuff. Everyone was singing. One boy got the spotlight and was told to sing a solo, but ran out scared. They told me to next so I went to the center of the room and sang the full song, but left when no one was looking because it was so nerve racking. Afterwards, everyone was congratulating me for singing well and Matt Kid hugged me and said he was proud of me. Caitlyn was there and didn't know many of the songs and looked jealous of me. I also found out Megan Chang liked River Phoenix too and we talked about him and I got her 80s related gifts for her birthday. I was then driving home with the Blieler's and for some reason Caitlyn and I weren't in the car and Maddy and her Mom drove around a parking lot at a store. Suddenly, Mrs B had a reason to drive through this huge pile of snow and hit this cement wall and the car was damaged, but I one was hurt.