Climbing two flights of stairs is the hardest thing ever apparently

Date: 8/11/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

Short one, all I remember was this blond sort of guy that I think I remembered from high school. All I remembered was he had blond hair and he was a pretty. CHill dude and fun to hang around with. There were two other buddies and we decided to claim the stairs? Dream logic stuff? but basically the stairs were like that white sort of hard floor that I often in schools. And the stairs were weird so they curved around the corner looking like overlapping pizza slices or triangle pieces at the corner and was weird to climb. As we ran up the stairs we went past a landing and then when we got to the second floor. The both guys collapsed to the floor panting with their face red as a tomatoes and sweat dripping down their entire body. 😂 even in the dream I lol'ed. We opened a door that led to outside and it was pretty scary. I'm not scared of heights but I'm scared of falling. And we were on a little section of roof. The building was made of dark red bricks. I think my brain was using part of my old high school. Anyway it was really scary because there was no railing or way to prevent falling off the roof. There was more before that but I can't remember the details.