Code crows and giant animals

Date: 3/17/2019

By gigi_moon

I was walking down the street. Me and whomever I was with saw crows flying in a strange way. The crows were clumped together and their wings weren’t out. They were flying through the air like bullets, rather than birds. We were curious how they were flying in that way and eventually I figured out it must’ve been a code. I remembered then that the code was called ‘stick to screen. ‘ (I’ve been learning new code irl) And this way the crows have been programmed to fly into a certain designated area and smash into it creating a black space. In another part of the dream I had become trapped in some sort of warehouse. It was after hours so no one else is there, and it seems like it might’ve been part of a restaurant. I kept going through doors trying to find my way outside, but I was hitting dead ends. At one point I entered through a swinging door only to meet another swinging door, and another, and another. Finally I entered a room where I saw three gigantic animals sleeping on metal slab beds. The first I think was a dog, the middle one was definitely a bear, I think a polar bear. The color was slightly white / gray and blue. And the third animal might of been some kind of bird but I can’t remember now. I quickly backed out of that room. An older asian woman was in the room with me, dressed like a cleaning lady. She showed me how the original exit had been blocked earlier that day. I found a new way out and walked home. As I was walking home I saw three giant animals but I’d seen in the building sleeping. They were now attached to a giant carriage and a giant man was parading them through the tiny streets. He was attempting to bring them into a café, and the owner of the café seemed familiar with all of them. They are going to drop them into the café via the roof somehow.