Driving home/hometown/weird time stop

Date: 7/24/2019

By nictava

Driving home and got to use the bmw from work. Driving in Athens Alabama and got to where Kmart should be- for some reason it was hometown grocery (my first ever job when I was 16)and I decided to pull in. Well now the car was a motorcycle so I pulled it inside. Went in, saw Rachel and “forget her name” and went to walk around down the wall(front isle that they would put all the sales at- nicknamed the wall). Made it around the store. At one point in frozen foods I jumped on top of the frozen counter to look at something and this black guy asked if I always did that and I said oh I used to work here, he’s like ohh ok. Made it back up front and now Brian is there. So I definately went up to talk to him. They had raised his check cashing area up like 15 feet, could barley see him lol. I remember saying wow I don’t remember you being so far away. I asked him to let me add him to Facebook. He said Sure. This is where it gets weird I pulled out one of my phones as he tells me he has to go to the restroom. (So he leaves for a min) I try searching for his account but I can’t remember his last name. I’m concentrating hard on it and not paying attention to my surroundings. I glance up every now and again but don’t notice that all the lights are off. Until I do. I’m like what in the world why’d they leave. I look and it’s 9:30pm, I’m thinking oh they must be on motion sensors now and they all left. I look down the hallway towards the wall and there are 3 customers standing there very still. Almost frozen in time. It’s really really weird. But at the time I don’t think anything of it. The next time I look down there the one on the right side is getting thrown repeatedly into the wall like something is throwing him. Like a broken record. Then I noticed all of a sudden one of the employees walks out the front door in disgust and scared muttering to himself obsecinities and acting like he just wants to get away from here. That was the point where I realized this was all very wrong. I looked back down the hallway and all of a sudden the lights came back on and they started moving normally like nothing ever happened. Brian came back out and we all started talking about it. What happened in that couple of minutes? Was i and that worker the the only ones not affected? We started hearing sirens and seeing smoke over horizon so it was like some major time event had happened. We were discussing it when I woke up.