School, Awkwardness, Loneliness, and Saving a seagull from Bullies

Date: 3/25/2017

By MyDreamWorld

I'm in the gym. it's not the real gym of the real school, but still the same classmates and Mr. R. We had to get together in groups, I pretended I didn't hear. Then I went beside my best friend, who was next to other girls. Then we had to find partners. I had nobody except for my best friend.She looked like she was sorry for me, and Mr R. asked who my partner was. I pointed at her. He was like, 'then go beside her'. I felt sad for being so dependent on her. When gym was over, I said jokingly to my friend that I forgot where my History class was. (I have dreamt of that school before, and History was my third block in this dream). While I told her, I felt worse for being overly dependent and warm only with her. I had no idea where my locker was in the dream, and was going down the winding stairway to the office to ask for the location and combination. Somehow, I was outside. There were people playing frisbee everywhere. On the street two boys were bullying a seagull. They threw the frisbee at the bird, and it would bounce to them and they'd do it again, tossing it around. I felt like I had nothing to lose, and I felt bad for the bird, so went over to help it. What more could bullies do? I didn't care if the frisbees knocked at me. They hurt in the dream but I withstood against it. The boys were big and fat. One looked very angry and sweaty. The seagull had something like a lamp shade thingy( what dogs wear when they have parasites) on its head, and it looked so beaten up and had given up trying to fight or fly away. I blocked the blows from the frisbee and shielded the bird while I freed it. It did not fly away, so weak it was, so I picked it up and began walking down the street. I had also realized that History class had already begun, but I was like whatever, although I did feel worried and anxious. Where would I put the weakened seagull was my question. There was a suggestion of Australia from a voice somewhere, saying how it would make the seagull recover faster if it went there. I wondered how we would be able to get there, by plane, and if I would do it. Then it said that the birds there were short lived with high mortality rates, and I changed my mind. I then thought of how kind I was for saving the bird, and thought of how I could tell my parents of my bravery. I felt happy, but also guilty for thinking that, because the seagull needed help. There is a saying that you should not boast your good deeds, and do them without seeking for a recompense. End.